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Originally Posted by geminigirl69 View Post
I understand that I do. It was never intended for our relationship to progress the way it did or to start out with dishonesty. There were several times that things were going to end because of the situation. I was just recently introduced to the idea and concept of polyamory and am looking forward to embracing it. I love him and he loves her and I both so what better way to enjoy life than to all be together. Isn't that the idea? Just looking for helpful ways to go about it.
Ummm.... Polyamory is based upon ETHICAL non monogamy. Not banging your friends boyfriend then saying hey why don't we have a threesome or triad

No my husbands don't do anything together except holidays and kid events. There's no threesomes no group sex.. They do not love each other or etc.

I love it when people want others to forgive their cheating by trying to lessen the blow by saying but oh I am poly so I couldn't help myself. No you are a CHEATER.

Before I ever started down this path. There was honesty and discussion between Butch and I a long time before I dated anyone else. Murf knew from the get go that I was in a relationship with Butch and what our situation was. He was then able to make a informed choice for himself not get blind sided.

Being poly does not equal being promiscuous.
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