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I'd like to comment as well.

You 3 are deep in NRE. The feeling of wanting to be together every moment is a symptom of NRE. Please do not rush into moving in with AM (or vice versa). Personally I think anyone, mono or poly, should wait at least a year. You also contradicted yourself upthread, saying at one time, the heck with one on one dates, let's all be together all the time, then saying, being one on one is nice, different and necessary for bonding.

Also, this is somewhat prurient, but you say your partners are in denial about being bi and having also the ability to love more than one partner (ie poly). You say the women kiss, but I am wondering if they actually... um, do sex? Touch each others' breasts, kiss them, touch each others' genitals, use toys, oral sex? If it's just kissing, I can see how they can still be in denial of enjoying lesbian sex! I'm just confused. I get not liking labels, but I do not get denying attraction, desire, and the fact that one is actually having sex with someone of the same gender.
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