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Ok-I need to elaborate now.
Go figure huh?

So-one of the conversations I had with RP was about what she "see's" in regards to cohabitation, in her "mind's eye".

It's not what we have here. It's more like what I WISH we had.

In her mind's eye (As I understand it) she was describing a house-that here where we live would be more like a 4-plex apartment building.
Where Mono had an apartment, she had an apartment and polynerdist would have his own apartment (kind of like a dorm maybe?). There would be a communal kitchen/living area as well. I sort of picture it like an octogon (obviously that would leave room for others) that has straight lines drawn through the center from corner to corner. Each block of space would be an apartment for someone, and the middle section would be the communal living area.

THIS set up WOULD allow for each person to have their OWN PERSONAL home/space and allow for her to be able to go be in Mono's to "escape" as well as allowing for the group to be in closer proximity-simultaneously. It allows for the combining of expenses to some degree, while not taking away anonymity. In fact it would be GIVING her anonymity that she lacks in regards to her "home" as things are currently laid out.

I actually picture MY DREAM as being more of a commune property. Owning 20-40 acres. GG having a house on it, my sister having a house on it, Maca and I having a house on it, Maca having his own and me having my own "suite" (bdrm, bthrm, sitting rm) in that house that we share with the kids. The kids having "free range" in all the homes. Close friends like Blaidwynn and his wife and gf in a home(s) nearby, my oldest (already grown) child having a home on the property....

For the same reason-I feel that I lack a "space of my own" and I miss being able to "escape" to GG's apt. I LOVE escaping to his room still, but there is little/no privacy as things are at the moment.

But also-having my own suite would allow for me to invite GG and Maca to come to my space and sleep on either side of me at times, but not "invade" either of their "personal spaces".... something I never get that would mean the world to me.

Ok-that became a big long daydream....
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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