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Wow... thanks for reading.

Yes, it is amazing that my wife would reach out to EL (who wrote me privately what a momentous event it was for her).

And thanks, SC, for the vote of confidence about our emerging triad. We're still struggling with details - in what way do we grow in the direction all of us sense is possible, without pushing for things to happen that destroy a dynamic that isn't quite there, yet? It's like any dating situation - when do you know you're headed toward marriage, what happens if you figure out you're not, and all that...

We're pretty strongly bonded. (Just talked on the phone with AM who told me WI snuck over for a make out session before work - hilarious!) But there's so much living to be done as we figure out how to do what we aren't even sure we want to do, yet. For us, for the moment, the "living to be done" is the important part. We'll end up where we end up as long as we don't expect too much beyond this moment and the next one.
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