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Default Opinion on Libido Louge

I know this isn't specifically poly, but I know we have a few Vancouver folks on here so I was hoping for some local opinions.

My wife and I have been looking at various parties etc to try and get more information, education and hopefully meet more local people. I have looked into bdsm munches, poly meetups, dungeons, etc. There are a lot of resources for vancouver but they all seem badly outdated or slow. For example poly-van has what seems like 5 different resources, only one of them is kept up to speed.

All that said I found an interesting resource - , which seems to be up our ally as far as where we are (newbs) and what we want (we don't know)...has anyone attended any of these workshops etc. I only ask because I live 2ish hours away. To attend will require a lot of prep time and I want to be sure it will be worth it.

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