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Originally Posted by london View Post
Ok, people who need (oppose to prefer) a family style of polyamory expect all members of that network to spend time together. A sizeable amount of people who require a family style of poly where everyone spends time together need it because it allows them to have some form of control over their partner's relationships, lets them screen metamours, all the stuff I said before. I've said how I feel about this already. It's a red flag for me, and yes, kind of personal because it something I come across often as a straight women who prefers a hub style. I guess in a similar way that bi women are hypersensitive to unicorn hunters.
All right, I can accept that. You've finally whittled it down to where it's not a sweeping generalization about all people who prefer family style polyamory. Thank you.

I still don't see how that answers the OP's question about being judged as a hub-style polyamorist, but at least it helps to explain your triggered response.
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