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Originally Posted by Polynew View Post
Maybe Me?
Hi all I'm new would love to explore polyamory. Im bisexual. I am not currently interested in a full time partner as I dedicate the vast majority of my time to my business and children. Would love to find a friend who would be interested in something on the side with honesty, open mindedness, and non-possessiveness. Just not sure where to start, I'm certain I would be a great fit for the right person or couple. Vancouver BC
Hello Polynew.

Why not you indeed.

There isn't much about you in your profile, so maybe you would like to elaborate a bit on what kinds of things you like, what your major interests are, and what you might be looking for in a poly relationship.

I myself live in Vancouver. You can find my age and other particulars in my profile. I am married, with my kids grown and gone from the household (although I see them often, and have a wonderful relationship with them).

I have recently had my first-ever poly relationship, so that I am not a newcomer any more.

Do drop my a line if you are interested in pursuing this conversation.

With my very best wishes,

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