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Default Part 2 of 3

[continued from above]

A bidet! That's what those things are called! Ahhh, now I feel like I'm both smart *and* clean (poking fun at my own self again; myself is always a fair target).

Let's get our countries straight though: Bidets are only *sometimes* found in France (sez Wikipedia). Italy is actually "The Bidet Country" in Europe; Portugal appears to get second place. France and Spain appear to come in third. Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Malta and Greece have bidets here and there.

Surprisingly, South America is another bidet-ish area, especially Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Also surprisingly, a lot of the Middle East has bidets (even Iraq, supposedly, although I could have sworn America already blew up everything in that country. Did we leave the bidets intact? ).

And yeppers, I totally dissed Japan, it is completely innocent of having hole-in-the-ground toilets and in fact has bidets as well -- as do many East Asian countries. I'm still gonna stick to my bigoted belief that *some* East Asian countries have hole-in-the-floor toilets, though.

Re: bidets that you attach to your toilet ... I'm skeptical about that idea cause I just don't get how they work (even after examining Wikipedia). Where the #=!! do the faucets/nozzles go?

I'd still much prefer a full-fledged bidet, and not just any old bidet either, I want one of those muthas that sprays a jet of water right up into the air. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! I'd make full use of one of those suckers, with pleasure. And who knows? Maybe they're actually sold in the United States and I could get Home Depot to install one for me. Uh oh, my laziness just kicked in again, and my cheapness as well. Guess I get to keep my filthiness to go along with it. Sorry ...

If I ever go nude, I promise I'll carry a towel around with me to sit on. And I'll always wash my hands with soap and water, so you can still shake my hand. Just don't shake my butt!

Re: butt-cleaning creature (preferably plant-like) ... uh well, it makes perfectly logical sense, but I can't help it: Ewww! I think I'd prefer my super-soaker bidet, no offense.

Re (from Post #146):
"For situations like [public restrooms]: I tend to finish wiping myself, put my clothes on, walk over to the sink, get a neat wad of toilet paper put soap on it wet it a little bit, then walk back to the toilet stall and finish cleaning myself: sort of like a wet-wipe improvised sort of thing."
Holy crap (literally), that turns the laziness lobe of my brain into a quivering ball of abject terror. I already hate public bathrooms (even the seemingly clean ones), dammit I even hate going at my older brother's house. I sooo prefer to use my own bathroom at my own house. Perhaps because that way I can literally make myself at home? Anyway, you have my grudging respect for your *Italian* standard of true cleanliness. (And I promise I still won't try to shake your butt, because I wouldn't want to confuse either of us.)


Re: self-hatred ... dude, I've been confused throughout this thread as to what self-hatred does or doesn't apply to. But by now, I'm now thinking it basically just applies to the wearing of clothes (at illogical/inappropriate times). I'm hitting closer to the mark -- I hope?


Re: killing ... yah we do a whole lot of that, much to my chagrin. Shouldn't I be incarcerated for failing (at my age yet) to be a vegetarian? Uhh, yeah, kind of.

National Geographic recently put out a film called "Life in a Day," composed of all-amateur footage but I still liked it. Except the scene where they filmed the killing of a cow. Oh God that was awful. And I participate (at all, in any way) in that kind of thing? Yes, shame is the right word for how that makes me feel about me ... and I even believe that I should feel so ashamed.

Jeezh, I know lots of animals are meat-eaters, but they have a good excuse for the killing that they do. Humans *could* be vegetarians if they (we) were willing to, that's my point.

Oh ... but here's a riddle. Without anyone killing any animals, how can I feed my cat? Can they make "vegetarian cat food" that actually works for cats? (Sigh, if not, I hope they'll discover that sort of technology sometime soon.) I can't just feed my cat milk/cheese all the time, can I? I don't even think that's good for cats.

So maybe killing is "natural," but I still don't like it -- not when humans do it. Yes, I'm pretty strongly opposed to war. On the other hand, I do agree with mercy killings (for both humans and other animals). Killing in self-defense? sure, given a "reasonable" definition for "self-defense." Example: "I figured that guy *might* kill me someday, so I had to kill him first." Dubious at best, and I'm more inclined to think the worst of it.

But, I'll cough up a riddle: In the movie "Sling Blade," [stop now if you abhore spoilers] Karl Childers killed a guy simply because that guy was a rotten guy who was making the lives of those around him miserable, and would only continue to do so increasingly. Childers had already been institutionalized for one murder he had committed as a kid, and he willingly returned to the institution now as the price he accepted for committing his last crime. Sooo ... was he really a criminal? Maybe every crime has its gray areas, depending on the context.

Re (from Post #141):
"When it comes to 'murderers,' these people are by no means 'unnatural,' in fact it is in our very nature to do all these things: harm, kill, rape, steal, and lie."
To various degrees, this or that "vice" might be in the nature of various animals here or there. All such vices, in all animals? Skeptical. And anyway, humans have the mental tools to deeply analyze the ethical implications of their actions, and to resist taking even what would have been a perfectly natural action. So even if all those vices are naturally within us, it still looks to me like we are burdened with a higher standard of behavior (than the remaining animals).

[continued below]
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