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Default Part 1 of 3

Damn, I hate it when I'm sporting around with my disrespectful humor and then the fun comes to an end. Sigh, alright, back to the ol' grind: I bet I was out of line with a bunch of my quips here and there in the above posts, so, pardon my crude self-entertainment if you will, and I'll definitely try to do better in the future. No hurt intended, I swear on my life. It's just that I grew up in an environment where my siblings and I made fun of each other constantly, so you have to understand, it's what I got used to. Still trying to learn to catch myself before I do it to non-sibling comrades. I'm a bonafide slow learner, but I do see what a bad idea it is.

And now the real kicker ... I've gotten so comfortable with making light of everything, that I think I sometimes come across as joking (and/or poking fun) even when I'm serious. I don't know quite how to express seriousness ... and the line between serious and jocular can sort of get blurred even in my own mind.

You should probably also know (and keep in mind) that my siblings, and mother's side of the family, tend to be argumentative and competitive. Lots of game-playing. My youngest brother took third place in a Utah State Chess tournament and became a lawyer. Kind of "distinguished himself" as a manipulative person as well. Lots of sexual abuse in the home my mother grew up in ... I guess what I'm getting at is that, as a whole, my family is "not well." You already know from my earlier posts that my mom was, frankly, a crazy bitch when I was a kid (though she's pretty remorseful about that now). As for my dad, he's probably the most emotionally/socially clueless person I've ever met. Clueless in a lot of ways in fact, considering he was smart enough to be a well-respected draftsman and one of the most well-liked teachers in my high school.

Just sayin', these are the types of genes and upbringing you're dealing with when it's me on the "other side of your monitor." I don't mean to excuse myself, but I've been known to make major social blunders without even realizing it before it was too late. My parents and teachers found the amount of daydreaming I did in my earlier grade school years to be quite annoying. I think I might have mentioned in an earlier post that I'm on a bunch of meds and while they enable me to "keep it together" externally, they don't do much to calm the internal maelstrom. So I can be a very bright person (my mom was literally an all-A student), and a very foolish person at the same time. I'll apologize for that beforehand, and I'll apologize after the fact too because apologizing is something I've had to learn to get pretty good at. Sort of how alcoholics and wife beaters are always apologizing? Hey, if you decide you'd rather not interact with me I'll certainly understand. I often detest interacting with myself.

In case you're wondering, "Why be so down on yourself? Just make self-improvements, and overcome the past. You'll feel so much better." Oh, I'm still trying. "Right, but improve your methods of trying; you're trying the wrong way." Oh, I'm still trying to try the right way. It's an old story, one that will probably end with diabetes or a massive heart attack.


Re: nudity and practicality ... okay, what I'm supposing so far is that it's all about the weather. So, if it's cold, dress up (or rather, bundle up). If it's temperate -- probably dress up out of politeness? If it's warm, dress down (but nudity itself isn't quite yet a matter of practicality?). If it's hot, undress. That's the bottom line about what's practical, as far as I can tell. As I said I'm not sure "temperate" and "warm" don't constitute gray areas, but I'm assuming (at least for my own convenience) that as long as the clothes won't hurt you (and you're not at a nudist camp or something), then it's just as well (since it's not technically harmful to oneself) to wear clothes for the sake of more easily getting along with society at large (which in and of itself could be thought of as a practical consideration -- just a smaller consideration than health concerns), as long as it's not hot of course (as I said).

In case I was unclear about the following point: I personally definitely don't see any harm per se in going nude no matter where one is, unless the "where" is a cold (or at least cool) place.

Re (from Post #141):
"I also have no idea what you mean by the paragraph of yours mentioned above about 'forcing one's self to be in the mood.'"
Ahem ... well, in fairness, I don't really know what I meant by that paragraph either. A "forced mood" is a silly idea and that's just what I was being: silly. But silly in a serious way: What I'm trying to get at is, since I can't force my moods, how can I be in the right mood to dress or undress at the right time? This is assuming (of course) that the weather is neither particularly hot/warm nor cold/cool. If the weather's not telling me whether to clothe myself, how do I know whether to clothe myself? That's why in this post I'm going out on a limb and supposing it's okay to "go along with what society wants" as long as it's not harming my health.

"I did not 'draw the line between total nudity or totally clothed,' you did."
I did? Sorry, I didn't mean to. It seems to me that there is a continuum describing various amounts of worn clothing, just as there is a continuum describing various temperatures. Warmer = less clothing. Colder = more clothing. At the extremes of those continuums are, as cold as any sufficiently-equipped human could survive (better wear a heated spacesuit), and, as hot as any sufficiently unembarrassed human could survive (better wear nothing).


Re: toilet hygiene ... drat, I will probably have to concede a point or two in this area. Now to make it work well (for me), I'd want soap in a soap dish at sitting level, and a supply of clean dry washcloths within easy reach. My plan would be to wipe "as usual," then sit on the edge of the tub, then soap up "down there," then rinse (I personally think the rinsing part would be tricky but admittedly feasible), then dry off with a washcloth, then re-pants myself (if it's not hot), then put the washcloth in the hamper basket (would have to make a trip to my closet to do that, slightly inconvenient but I'm sure I'd live). Yeah you could argue that one washcloth should suffice for multiple dryings, but I'm just "funny that way," I guess.

Air/heat drying? No thanks, again because I'm funny that way, I'm a "paper man" when it comes to drying my hands too (partly because I also wash my face a lot and prefer to dry off with paper).

So now what's my excuse? two things: laziness and embarrassment. I'd need to get my lady's help in installing the soap dish (cause I'm no handyman), procuring the washcloth supply (cause she's got the car and the funds), and finding/installing someplace to put the washcloths, and given all that, I think I'd kind of have to tell her why I was asking for all those things. Nooooo, I feel so embarrassed! Of course, I'd need her to be willing to go along with all these requests (and refrain from laughing at me), but I *think* I could manage that. But then there's the laziness factor. Self-explanatory. Oh yeah, I'm confessing that I'm lazy enough to be "Americanly filthy" even though I know I could do better. Sorry!

Next confession: I only shower every other day. Sorry, sorry, yet more American filthiness I suppose. But on the days when I do shower, I always "schedule" my #2 pit stop for right before the shower. And when I shower, I *definitely* get it clean down there, by any country's standards (removable shower head with super-sprayer setting thank the gods). Soap and multiple cleanings and ... well let's not wander into TMI Land. So give me partial credit. Better than nothing is still better than nothing, at least I know I'm "truly clean" for about 24 glorious hours.

And finally, in my lazy-but-handy defense, I'll note that *if* it's very natural and thus a good idea to go with my "every-animal" attributes, then consider my pets. They don't wipe at all, so I'm actually doing pretty good in comparison. Okay okay, my cat has her own hair-raising way of keeping it clean down there ... but my dog goes to no such bother. Sniffing her own butt? Sure, she does that, but she don't lick it, let me tell ya. So I'm a few points ahead of my dog at least. Yes, I take great pride in winning that contest with my dog; can I thence return to my American tradition of pretending I'm in a state of cleanliness? Ohhh ... I think you might be shaking your head while giving me the evil eye. (Don't be alarmed, it's me I'm making fun of this time.)

[continued below]
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