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Originally Posted by RiverDwellers View Post
You can make your own soap. We have made our own for years and just buy the "base" which can be made of different things, melt, pour into a mold (you can make a simple square), let cool and there is your soap.

A movie you might want to watch is called "Alone in the Wilderness". It is about Dick Proenneke who decided he wanted to do things from scratch and built his own cabin, made his own dishes, etc.

Being a nomad means different things to different people. My dream is to go from forest to forest throughout the US and stay a few weeks in each location. No itinerary, just go and enjoy the peace and solitude that it offers. (of course, this means my husband and anyone else who is in our lives).
Sounds exactly like what I plan on doing, of course for now I need to report to Navy at certain times, but I don't plan on letting that stop my life wants and in fact I plan on using the Navy to help me further my goals!~ ^_^

I'm thinking about maybe using things left over from the natural foods that I eat to use or to mix together to make some thing I can use to wash my body just as good as soap and quickly biodegradable!~ ^_^

Did I mention that I plan on going to college for survival and honing my body to do any thing?~

I'm not going to kill any thing under most circumstances and even plants I will leave some part of it so it can regrow, so animal fat used for soap or any part of an animal is not some thing I am going to use under most circumstances unless I find a dead corpse lying around and no one is eating it unless it is in a grave.~

Here's what I've learned I can use so far:

Licorice Root, Dogwood, and Oak Twigs for Brushing and Cleaning my Teeth (avoid using poisonous Woods to Clean your Teeth like: cherry, yew, black locust, buckeye, horse chestnut, laurel, rhododendron, poison sumac, or poison ivy vine.)

Any tough Plant Fibers such as Yucca leaves and Human Hair can be used for Flossing your Teeth

A Smooth Stone rubbed on your Body while Washing with Water can be used for getting rid of Surface Oils and Grime

Clay, Sand, Pumice, Ashes can be used to Wash Myself

Of course Water can be used to clean Myself by itself

One of the most useful Plant is Yucca: its' tough leaves and roots can be used from every thing from floss, sewing needles, soap, to making clothing, and even building materials.~

Any kind of Oils can used for smelling like them, Highly Acidic Oils like those made from Lemons can be used as sanitizer

Simple Plants that can be used for Cleaning My Body by simply Crushing them with Rocks and Mixing them with Water to make Simple Lather or 'Soap':

Amole (inner white core: one bulb can last for 1 week, hairs can be used to brush your teeth, and the lather made from it can also be used to poison fish to catch),



Yucca (leaves and roots can be used for lather, leaves can also be used as sewing needles and for Flossing your Teeth, and many other uses for Yucca plants including clothing and building materials),

California Buckeye (do not eat unless cooked with the aid of a professional as it is poisonous to eat raw),

Buffalo Gourd (use the leaves, not the gourd, as the leaves make the best lather, gourds can be used for many things),


Soapbark Tree,


and Soapberry.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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