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Now I find this enlightening, all this talk about triads and "unicorn hunters". So many terms for me, a newbie to learn. But what I come away from this, is that everyone just wants to make everyone else feel loved in the relationship. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be? I mean, when someone in your circle looks at you, don't you want to feel loved, wanted and respected? It seems to me that open communication is always the key and you should never do what you don't want to do or be "pushed" into being anything you don't want to be. We haven't found our "other" and don't know who it will be, whether its a man, woman or a couple. We aren't in any hurry and if it happens, it happens.

Personally, though, I hate titles and just think you should be free to love, like, feel affection for anyone you choose.
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