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Originally Posted by london View Post
@FullofLove Weren't you in a triad where you had certain restrictive expectations of your girlfriend concerning her baby making? I'm sure I read an old thread recently. That's not to say your feelings didn't evolve over time if it was you, just you'd have more insight into someone who does have those expectations and how they feel perfectly reasonable at the time, at least.
It was not really a restriction. I am more inclined to believe it was my own red flags going up screaming red alert. I had just had a baby months prior and a very difficult pregnancy. It was a lot of stress and health issues surrounding my pregnancy and even after his birth. My hormones were batshit crazy, too. Never suggest something ludicrous to a sleep deprived, stressed out, second time mum. I will tell anybody I was not even remotely a-okay with the idea of another child. It could have been the Virgin Mary herself at that point, and I would have been like, "Bitch, have you lost your mind, and more importantly, do you need help finding it?" Different person and different circumstances back then? Who knows? Everything has changed, so that is not even in the realm of possibility. All I know is my ex? Not a chance in hell.

So yes, my feelings have evolved, and now that I know what my ex is about and what her intentions with that situation were, thank you God it did not happen. That poor baby would have been leverage in her sick and twisted game. This was by her own admission. She was a good person, but she does not need to be anybody's mother. Thank heavens she knows it. The day my daughter asks, "Who," when someone asks her about my ex will be a wonderful day. I want her to forget that nightmare.
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