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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
Kevin, "Re: breastfeeding ... something in corporate policy needs to change ... seems like the ideal would be provisions for taking one's child to work so one could breastfeed the child directly ... and since that's a pipe dreams, longer breaks are needed for breastfeeding mothers to pump."

I hope you're joking, because I have studied and done research on many tribal cultures and women can simultaneously care for their child and continue their daily lives, and this includes carrying bushels of plants weighing over 20-50 pounds on their backs without any help from any one else and often without any kind of clothing what so ever: often the children are strapped to their chests with a harness or they carry them with one arm while the other arm is used to work things many "modern women" would consider "back-breaking work".
CW, at least my part of the discussion was focused on breastfeeding in this country (US) - mothers with low-paying jobs (think 7-11 or Walmart) are not allowed to bring their children into the workplace. And in a right-to-work state, you can be fired for any reason. People don't want to risk their source of income when they can nourish their children in other, non-threatening ways.

It may be crappy, it may be easy to say "get a new job", but it sure as hell isn't easy to do in practice.
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