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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Or, everyone's a nudist at heart? Idea being, perhaps, that all the animals appear to be nudists at heart, and humans are animals, so why shouldn't the same principle apply?
Well, we're nudists at birth, certainly. Tough to say what we are at heart. Animals in cold climates burrow and make nests to keep warm/isolated/protected. If they had opposable thumbs and technical know-how, would they make clothes, or portable nests of some type?


Just lobbing that one back at you. With that one, I'm done.

Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
And maybe that's why, in accordance to my own personal beliefs, humans are both monogamous and polyamorous. One thing's for sure, whatever humans are, it isn't consistent.
On the whole, I would agree, since it seems to be something of a spectrum. One individual, however, can be anywhere on that spectrum.

I'm just making the distinction since saying that as a species we are both is different from saying that every member of that species has a bit of "poly" in them.
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