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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
I am not convinced that she believes what she did was wrong. Even if she is not over me, I cannot say she loves me. She is like a narcissist, and she needs me to supply that need. That is probably what she is after now. The past five years were here happiest years in our relationship to her because she was on that high. She got off on me putting her wants and needs before Matt's and believing that our marriage was inferior to the relationship I had with her. She got off on feeling like she was number one in my life. She was happy when he left me. In her mind, that meant all of the love and attention that was going to him was going to be showered on her. She had succeeded in getting rid of him. To hell with whoever got hurt, but she was happy. The catch is she got pissed when Matt came back, and she realised that things were going to change.
Sounds like someone to stay FAR FAR away from. Have this conversation with your best friend and get her opinion. She knows you both and can give you better advice than any of us here. Given you opinion above, I'd hazard a guess that this will NOT help to improve your relationship with Matt. If I were him, I'd have all the wall back up and be constantly on my guard.
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