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Kevin, "Oh ... except, what about those infamous guys who wear just a trenchcoat and go about intentionally flashing their erection to various individuals? That's not the kind of nudity we support, is it? any of us, right? Anyone disagree with me about that? (Care to elaborate if so?)"

In a society where "nudity" is natural and an accepted part of life, individuals like this would just be considered weird at the most.~

The "shock" value comes from "forcefully exposing other people to "nudity" when they have an unhealthy relationship with it" the only "shock" left from this in a society that has a healthy relationship with "nudity" would be: "Why is this person showing me the inside of their trench coat: are they trying to rob me, do they want to hurt me, are they selling me some thing, etc.?"

The "flasher" or "a streaker" may or may not have an unhealthy relationship with nudity, but "flashing" people is not doing any thing but forcing other people to deal with the existence of "nudity" whether they want to or not.~

Kevin, "Re: breastfeeding ... something in corporate policy needs to change ... seems like the ideal would be provisions for taking one's child to work so one could breastfeed the child directly ... and since that's a pipe dreams, longer breaks are needed for breastfeeding mothers to pump."

I hope you're joking, because I have studied and done research on many tribal cultures and women can simultaneously care for their child and continue their daily lives, and this includes carrying bushels of plants weighing over 20-50 pounds on their backs without any help from any one else and often without any kind of clothing what so ever: often the children are strapped to their chests with a harness or they carry them with one arm while the other arm is used to work things many "modern women" would consider "back-breaking work".~

To both Kevin and InfinitePossibility, just because you don't agree with some one else's way of thinking or doing things does not make them a "psychopath" and we may not even know if they truly are a "psychopath" unless they have either been professionally diagnosed (although many professionals are guilty of misconduct for personal gain and many are mistaken when trying to recognize actual "mental issues") or they have admitted to having mental issues that put them along the lines of a "psychopath".~

As to your mentioning of "brainwashing", to many extents we are all "brainwashed" in many ways from birth or even before birth depending on the society we live in and how we are raised.~

To suggest that "any one who doesn't agree with me is brainwashed" is I agree taking it too far, but this is no way applies to me as I have not said this.~

Again, sorry if I misinterpreted your humor, but it does seem like you are referring to me and it feels rather hurtful.~

All in all though, I am very happy with your attitude and ending points of view of these subjects!~ ^_^
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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