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I've been away from awhile from these forums so I'm going to answer all of your posts Kevin in two posts, sorry for the length of them!~ ^_^

Kevin, "In all fairness, I can tell that ColorsWolf isn't advocating 100% nudity all the time, just nudity when the mood strikes for whatever reason. On the other hand, what about those of us for whom the mood *never* strikes? Is that proof that we're brainwashed, thus obligating us to "force" ourselves to be in the "mood" at times (especially when out in a common public area)? and even assuming that, how are we supposed to determine when it would be appropriate to force ourselves to be in the mood? Since we're (purportedly) brainwashed, our judgment in that regard is (by definition) quite hobbled."

O.o I said "when practical".~ Although there is no justifiable legal reason "not" to go without clothing when ever you feel like it unless the possibility of danger is present, the mere state of being "without clothing" is not a justifiable reason to negate itself as it is simply as state of being and is not harmful to any one or any thing in of itself: any who claim "harm" citing the opposite are the cause of their own "harm".~

I also have no idea what you mean by the paragraph of your's mentioned above about "forcing one's self to be in the mood".~

I did not set a "draw the line between total nudity or totally clothed", you did.~

I advocate not wearing clothes when logical and practical, while eliminating unhealthy concepts such as "shame", that's it.~

Kevin, "Re: a country where the people who live there believe wiping themselves with dry paper is making themselves "clean" ... uh yeah
well, I'd really only say "guilty as charged" on the basis of the given
definition of the word "clean." I don't love toilet paper as a solution to the "not clean" problem, but since it's really all I have available I kind of have no choice but to do the best I can with it and then carry on with life's many other affairs. (And I reeeally try to make the best of it, let me tell ya ...)"

Wrong, you always have a choice.~ You've just convinced yourself that you don't.~

I also use toilet paper, but I wash that area of myself with soap and water afterwards just like any other part of my body: it's really not that hard nor time-consuming when you have a level water dispenser next to the toilet like a bath tub.~

This is why I view Americans as filthy when it comes to using toilets and the French as slightly cleaner because of their access to and use of bidets (sinks the same height of and next to a toilet).~

You don't need to be "rich" in any sense of the word to have one, they sell plastic attachments for toilets.~

Or you could just use a bathtub next a toilet after you wipe with "paper", just get some soap, sit on the side of the bathtub, put your butt under the part where the water comes out of, and wash away: drying yourself is no different than drying yourself after a shower as you are now "actually" clean, some thing sadly uncommon among Americans.~

If you are, please stop implying that I have said some thing applies to "self-hatred" when it I didn't say it had any thing to do with "self-hatred" like using the toilet, it feels like you are being bitterly hateful and mocking every thing I have said making it seem as if every thing I say is a big joke that no one should ever take seriously.~

Sorry if I misinterpreted your humor, but it does seem like you are referring to me and it feels rather hurtful.~

Japan actually has invented one of this planet's most technologically advanced toilets: it can even wash your butt with soap mixed into water and has a built-in drier so you never have to use toilet paper, it has countless other features to such as a seat-warmer and it even talks to you!~ ^_^

Although, I myself prefer a creature, preferably a plant-like creature, like seen in a sci-fi TV series I used to watch, only it was actually more like the insides of a giant biologically living insect space-ship, a 'toilet' that is actually a mouth you sit upon and secrete your secretions and the mouth consumes every thing you make, uses a giant tongue to lick you clean, and its' saliva acts like anti-bacterial and disinfectant cleansing soapy water at the same time.~ There is actually a living real plant that does this for rodents, it resembles a Venus Fly Trap, but it just eats the secretions and doesn't have all those above mentioned features.~

On the subject of "not wearing clothes" and "murderers":

In many of our societies we have agreed to not kill each other as we have more or less agreed that doing so causes more problems than it solves.~

"Not wearing clothing" is actually our natural state and it is unavoidable in many cases, it causes no harm to any one in of itself (any one who claims otherwise is the cause of their own harm trying to shift the blame on some one else), trying to mentally "force" us to "hate ourselves" into wearing clothing causes more problems than it solves, and actually wearing clothing when it is not practical can be deadly in cases of heat-stroke as wearing clothing inhibits the Human body's ability to sweat which is one of the most efficient ways of dissipating heat more so than most species' of this planet abilities to get rid of heat from their bodies.~

When it comes to "murderers", these people are by no means "unnatural", in fact it is in our very nature to do all these things: harm, kill, rape, steal, and lie.~

As in nature, these things are not crimes outside our "societies", if we even live in one: we harm or we kill for many reasons: to eat, to prove our strength, to claim territory, or just to survive, etc.; we either convince or we force others to mate with us to continue the survival of our genetic material; we take what we can to survive; and we may "say things but do another or the opposite of what we said or indicated" as a strategy to accomplish our goals.~

Not all of our Human societies ban these things or they may only ban these things within our own society but have no problems with us doing these things to other people in other societies: like tribes vs. tribes.~ As always, no one is forcing you to stay in any society, you may move to another that more fits your way of life or you may not live in any society at all and do as you please.~

Or you can try to change the society you're in: one could argue that every one who disagrees with a society should leave it, but many of us know that many societies change and do not stay the same forever: much of that change has come of people living within those societies disagreeing with the society they live in and so they worked towards changing it.~

Whether these "changes" were for the "most benefit of the majority of that society" or not and in what way are subjective.~


"Mmmm, no, I still don't get it. Examples, examples. Need examples.

It all sounds so agreeable, but I still feel disoriented and thus, scared to commit to agreeing.

Help help! Even one or two examples would help me get my sea legs."

You just did, instead of saying that "people who walk around in public without clothes are crazy", we need to discuss why "nudity" is such a "problem" to begin with.~

And we have done just that.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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