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Originally Posted by PolyinPractice View Post

I think you are more in "couple" mode; whereas he is still in "dating" mode, even if the two of you have announced as a "couple" in the kink community, you are still a new couple, and he is likely still figuring out what that means to him.
I think that's very possibly another communication issue on our part. It's confusing because as I say when we first started dating we both had pre-existing relationships and when his didn't work out, I think it changed the dynamic a bit. He's told people about having a girlfriend, including family, and talks about wanting to introduce me to his mother and brother. Personally for me it's way too soon because I don't feel we're established as a couple which is why it felt too soon to be opening out and also why it's a little confusing when he goes from being very intensely focused on us and our relationship to bringing up someone else. It *might* be easier even if the day to day relationship was a little less intense.
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