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Default It was an accident

from being over tired, not having taken the required course in Composition, not realizing I wasn't in Rome as opposed to Origon, and having too many windows opened with too many language translators running at the same time and I know I should know better (this sort of thing always happens if I don't stick to three languages at a time)

I got confused during my conversations with Angel, who first said his name was Lazarus, but then two seconds later he was saying Osiris, or so I thought, as it turns out one of the active windows I had open I thought was an online dictionary, it was a Thesaurus, and because of the odd accents used by the Angel of the Lord (thĕ-saw´rus) I mistook the french translation for Lazarus and the Port-to-gesus translation looked like Osiris.

It tooks me a minute or two to realize I didn't have three translators open in three windows, but rather two dictionaries , two translators, and and one Thesaurus attempting to translate itself (the word Thesaurus) many times over in many different languages.

I finally had to take a step back after it dawned on me, this is not what Romans do anywhere, and most importantly I am in Oregon

pheua! that was a close call
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