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Default A little update

The past month has been crazy. We have had some conversation, not as detailed and deep as I would like, but a start. We have also had to deal with the sudden passing of my MIL, so that has been our focus most recently.

On the front of moving things along, since sex is off the table we have spent time with them on two occasions. One time going out for dinner and bars. We had our babysitter watch all five kids at out house and they all stayed the night. It was a fun time (like it used to be) with only fun flirting. The past weekend we went to their house to watch football, eat dinner and just hang out in their basement, drinking, playing pool and darts. This evening was very flirty and involved lots of cuddling and even kidding between everyone (except the guys). There was nothing overtly sexual, just flirting. The conversation on two other couples we are friends with, one that has openly expressed interest in wanting to be involved with all of us, came up and she herself said that we are the only people she is interested in. Granted, that's probably because of swing history, but it makes me think there's the possibility that she open to more. The next day she said that she had a great time and didn't question him as she had in the past.

I realize this is only a baby step and eventually there will have to be a more involved conversation about where things are going. But I am greatly encouraged that he was able to kiss and hug me in front of her without her getting jealous. I know it will take patience and time.
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