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Originally Posted by Neurodiverse View Post
Where there is meeting, there is parting.
Impermanence is one of the "three marks of existence" according to the Buddha.
Every relationship has a shelf life- whether it is defined by old age, by unexpected illness, by accident or by a falling out.
Thee is no need to ever stop loving any of your former partners- even if contact no longer continues.
Having said this- my current "primary partner' is a real best friend.
I cant imagine doing anything that would hurt her and I see our relationship in terms of mutual support. What can I do to bring her happiness and strength? How could I be happy o]if this relationship died off?

We both stray- but only with those we feel affectionate towards. Kindness is the key.

True love hinges on what we give to our partner(s), not what we take from her/him/them.
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