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Default Everything ends

Originally Posted by Darkling View Post
Good evening,
I have a primary relationship that I am happy in, and my husband and I have been talking a lot about what it would look like if we weren't monogamous. In some ways I can see a lot of positive things that could come from this, balanced with some challenges as well.

One thing that has been kind of a mental road block to me is, even if we weren't monogamous, I would prefer that our marriage was the primary relationship for both of us. I'm afraid of risking that. I also have lived in the mono-get-married-and-stay-together-for-life model that it seems really strange to entertain the idea of pursuing another relationship knowing that it will end at some point. Maybe mutually and gracefully, and maybe not.

Why would I sign up for a relationship that has a shelf life from the start? It sounds painful. Does this concern make sense to anyone? Does everyone really end up with a loving extended family of ex-lovers? Or do they end up with a collection of uncomfortable exes that pop up periodically to cause problems?

Where there is meeting, there is parting.
Impermanence is one of the "three marks of existence" according to the Buddha.
Every relationship has a shelf life- whether it is defined by old age, by unexpected illness, by accident or by a falling out.
Thee is no need to ever stop loving any of your former partners- even if contact no longer continues.
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