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Originally Posted by anon4now View Post

I love my wife, My children, and M. Until I get my marriage and my issues resolved, I am not going to consider trying to bring M into my family.

If anyone has any advise on how to not miss someone that you believe is another part of your soul, I am open to suggestions.

I don't know if my words have been of any value to anyone here but I will keep writting and rambling until I have a mod give me the "shhhh" command.

We don't give "shhhh commands" for this kind of stuff. Don't believe everything you read about "the mods" on this forum.

Anyway, I like what you said up there where I underlined it. To me, that shows that you have a mature attitude toward this and that you have seriously considered your priorities and decided to do the right thing. Doing the right thing in the short-term (when it comes to other people's feelings and futures) makes it so much more possible that you will get to where you want to be. Try not to think of this not talking with M as a "forever" thing. If she is truly part of your soul as you say, then a few months or years or waiting until the next lifetime won't make that any less the case.
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