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Originally Posted by evad View Post
One of my favorite phrases is "it's the dose, not the poison."

There's all kinds of things that if you have a little (relative) there's no harm. If you have a lot (relative), you're toast.

It's so hard to get across though with the fear monger society we have though.
Agreed. I made the mistake of telling my ex that I have no problem with the kids getting hurt from time to time and learning from it. Good lord, you'd have thought I was an abusive mother from the way he carried on... How could I dooooooooo that to my own children?

Seriously? We learn from our mistakes. We learn our limits by pushing them (and going beyond them). If we don't make mistakes, or challenge things from time to time, how do we learn anything?

Then again, I was always told that nothing's ever good enough for me, simply because I feel that, as human beings, if we don't keep learning and doing, we get stagnant. Apparently, I was supposed to be happy stagnant. Who knew?

Ah well. Not trying to trash the ex here, but with philosophies so widely different, I'm surprised we were together as long as we were (married 17 years, together 22).

We'll see how things go as my youngest gets out of thinking in absolutes. You can see the gears turning in my oldest's head, and it's interesting (and nice!) to see her process things on her own. I'm looking forward to seeing them grow up into the women they'll be.

Oh, and as for the fear-mongering, my local PTA group had the market cornered. Swingsets that had been in the ground for decades? Dangerous. Why? The exposed steel wasn't coated and there was a bit of rust on them.

Nothing a little sandblasting couldn't fix... and it's not like there's anything wrong with licking a pole and getting a bit of iron in your diet.

No more big slides. Nobody rides a bike anymore, and God forbid you let your child outside ("Um, I think there's ticks in there... you shouldn't let her play there."). What have we become?
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