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Originally Posted by LoveBunny View Post
I A couple seeking a girlfriend is no less ridiculous than a single woman with kids seeking out a single man of a certain age and income bracket
People will criticise a woman for her shallowness just as much as Unicorn hunters, maybe even worse....I recall a thread on a Kinky forum when a flame war occurred after a woman said she had no desire for a short Dom...drama!!!!!

Imagine a thread starter like.....I'm single, but I only want a rich man.

That wouldn't be ignored either, People get annoyed when we see others create boxes and expect others to fill it leaving no room for variation.

I spent ages talking to a married man the other day before he said "but as my wife is bi, so she needs to be considered" "and what has that got to do with anything"? I ask...."because the women will be sleeping together..."
"but why do you have that expectation"? (bear in mind there was nothing about this on the profile).

"It's not an expectation, it is a requirement, we come as a package deal"
Yes, it is frustrating.

and those couple/gf triads either fall apart or evolve, just like any relationship, monogamous or non-monogamous.
It wouldn't be so bad if there were not a trail of often homeless, broken hearted Unicorns left in its wake because she dared to not live up to the 'love us both equally' expectation.....just sayin.

But why wouldn't people on this forum, especially those who have gone through it on one side or the other, not want to help these people in this situation?
People do try to help, often and also try to help them avoid not getting into these situations in the first place.


(What is this, Versailles circa 1809?)
psst...French Revolution.....*whistles*
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