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And the terminology they use just bugs me, it all seems so very....objectifying.

"Looking for our third/ our girl/our special Unicorn" To share/enjoy/add to our relationship/marriage. Sometimes it is least it is to me and then I have to stand back and realise....wait...most of these people have not been exposed to the same amount of stuff I have. To them it is entirely new, entirely reasonable and in some cases hot, sexy and/or romantic...

Like the couple who were 'Looking for their "Other half" No need to mention the Math Fail there.....

Or the handful or so of single men who turn up both here and other places looking for two bisexual women specifically..... It is so pervasive because it is supposed to be so fulfilling but most of those people have never done it.

And out of those who have, it is almost entirely the OR (original couple) who want to give it another go...because the first Unicorn was "not right for us" but the next one will be perfect. Because, of course it just needs to be the "right people" and we know what we are doing, we have thought of all the variables and we know it will be hard but we are in no rush to find exactly what we want.....

It is so..repetitive.
I don't blame Showtime because, let's face it, this was a problem before that show came about, it is Porn. The threesome in porn is such a staple, especially the FMF threesome, with all eyes focused on penis at the end...why else the single men looking for it if not for this pornified ideal? It's not like there is a bisexual wife to satisfy is there?
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