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Originally Posted by peabean View Post
Threesome sex first is a big jump for some people. That said, if you start out with the idea that you might just have a threesome with a person and then a relationship forms after that, then threesomes first can be just fine.
That isn't what the OP is looking for, they are looking to meet a woman they can both date with the rule that there will only be threesome sex at first until everyone is "comfortable".

As for the idea that 'a man only has one penis', well this entirely neglects the fact that if you are a woman who is into other women, a penis is not the focus of sex.
Wow?? Really?

If you are looking for a triad to develop out of a threesome
They aren't.

you need to do a lot of work on the same sex couple to start with. In a practical sense, this means NOT letting the penis be the focus of sex.
The penis thing was a for example and there have been plenty of situations where a man has felt left out when women have been really into each other and many a time when one of the women have felt left out too.

In fact people who are experienced in threesome sex in a swinger capacity may feel that it is always like that (i.e. super hot) but there is no way for them to understand how different it is once feelings are engaged.

It is hard work concentrating on two people at once, for example you can only look into one pair of eyes at a time. Threesome sex is like something really rich and sweet, a lovely treat but too much it makes you sick and you feel like you never even want to see another rich cake.
Making a rule that there can only be threesome sex at first is incredibly self destructive to any emotion based relationship.
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