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I posted a similar thread a while back, and then managed to bring it up but kind of badly.
I just blurted everything out and didn't consider how much time we would have to talk about things or how much we would want to talk about it.
Because my partner and I have different work schedules, he works days I work evenings, there hasn't been as much time as would be ideal for discussions.
On the plus side we both agree that just talking about this sort of thing and the level of openness required has made us feel so very close in way that we hadn't for some time.
My partner said that once he got over the initial feeling of being punched in the stomach, that he feels like his brain works in a completely different way now and he can interact with me through a much more satisfying and open way. So many times in past he and I didn't say or do things because we imagined we might hurt each other etc., and it could be that behaving in that way, while with the best intentions, just led to us slowly building up walls and barriers between us.
It's still not all just yay 'I have a new and open mindset' he still feels a bit shocked and frightened at times.

Try and make it so that you have lots of time available for you to talk, but of course don't let a lack of time stop you either I guess. And try, try to be nice. Initially my parter was all 'I'm not interested' and that was the end of the conversation, this made me feel so upset, angry and cut off it was really hard not to become emotional/hysterical/mean, but we both managed.
We are still very much at the talking about things stage rather than doing, there have been good and bad bits so far and there will no doubt be more.
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