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To give a slightly different point of view.... MINE.. of course Im Dazed and Confused :P

I have often wondered if it wouldnt be better for me and good for GG, if GG lived on his own. I have several reasons for wondering this, some of which have nothing to do with LR, myself or Poly.

Logically it makes more sense for him to be living here, but emotionally it has difficult moments , for me. I still struggle with wanting " my time" and I have moments of insecurities when I see them being affectionate.

Thing is having GG live here with us DOES afford me more time with LR. Having him here helps spread the load of bills,kids,house work, ect...

Only thing I will say to those that are thinking of "moving in" to a family setting where there are kids is that there will be attachments made to/by those kids. This is not only a commitment to the adults but also one to the kids.

Of course all situations are different and everyone/ relationship is different. In your case Mono the 3 of you are much more prepared ,IMO, to live as one family co-habitating.

Peace and Love
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