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@Galagirl, yes, I do want to become poly-friendly. I really think its beautiful how people can have many relationships and love everyone. With my BF I feel comfortable. As I have never been before.

I have been open with him now, I haven't kept anything under wraps. It felt like a cannonball in the pool even though it was a pretty small risk. I just wanted to be ok with everything so I wouldn't cause any trouble. My irrational emotional side and my logical understanding side have been warring.

I somehow thought that simply trying to let him see this new girl would prove more that I trusted him.

And thankfully, the more risks I have taken the more he has proven that this doesn't change what we have or how much he loves me. So thank you for reply and helping me determine the questions I needed to look into.

Of course I am not perfectly comfortable as of yet. But feel much better.

@HisPet, I was hoping to find hear from someone regarding the D/s side of things. Thank you very much. I know this road will not be an easy one and I was very afraid I would get a lot of people saying I should quit now if I'm not poly. So I appreciate your insight.
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