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@ Inyourendo ... well I can't detect any across-the-board problems, more of a random assortment of different kinds of problems, other than I noticed several of the guys had some kind of mental/emotional issues going on. At first the homeless guy sounded the most scary, but then I thought I shouldn't assume that without knowing a few more specifics (such as what *kind* of trouble he gets into with the law; I mean we're not just talking parking tickets here are we).

I suppose I'm optimistic you just haven't found a good match for you out there so far, but probably will in due time.

@ Tonberry ... so you haven't asked a lot of guys, and the few you asked so far (due to circumstances? not enough interest?) turned you down. Maybe your husband is "picky in the end too," if it's basically just you two so far.

On the other hand, in my experience it just isn't all that common for people to "get together," especially long-term. Taking my case for example, by the time I decided I was interested in anything other than the traditional monogamous marriage I already had, I was really too old to garner much interest (let alone poly interest) on the dating scene. And is "young dating" all it's cracked up to be? Sometimes I get the impression one doesn't often meet someone who's *really* interesting in a long-term way.

Just some quick thoughts; I haven't exactly "made a science" out of any of this.
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