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Originally Posted by NaturalUnicorn View Post
I simply used the term, cause I thought is was accurate and would quickly describe my viewpoint.
This is the crux of the matter, and it should also be recognized that some terminology, like Unicorn, doesn't belong to us, or even the poly community in general. So it does us little service in communication to overload it with elements which have no commonality outside the poly community.

Furthermore, if someone chooses a label for themselves, others have no business re-defining it to suit their own prejudices. Labels are something we can choose to wear, but really shouldn't be plastered on others.

This is not the first time threads have been hijacked in the fashion, particularly surrounding the Unicorn/Hunter subject.
Thread hijacking is not acceptable behavior.
It is also not acceptable that new members to be chastised and derided for minor vocab usage, particularly when such vocab is far from having a settled universal definition.
Further dogpiling on users, new or old, as seen on this thread is also not acceptable.

Personal Relationships Corner and the Intro's are not the place for hijacking into these kinds of discussions. They belong in General Discussions, and if it's so important to discuss a side subject, then split out and take it per the guidelines.

Unicorns, and Unicorn hunters, are people too, and will be treated with the same respect as any other new user. Remember this Forum is SUPPOSED to be a place for people of all poly persuasions to freely discuss and exchange idea's. If you have trouble honouring that, then as per the guidelines, you are welcome to find the door.
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