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Okay.. yeah.. thats not me.. thanks for pointing the finger at my long used mis use of the term. That makes me sad, and as new member..feel very unwelcome...I guess perhaps I was educated incorrectly.
I do love couples. I do deeply respect their holiness. And I do not believe 3 way equality is EVER obtainable. Nor do I strive for it. And its a stupid idea to ask anyone for it. In my most sucessful triad relationship.. I knew my place and each of them knew theirs.. Easy... But I do have my own needs and thoughts and feelings and might I add a very high level self worth, self respect, self advocacy and self love. I have my own family and friends. If anyone tries to hide me..without asking first, they are gonna be the ones out on their ass in the mud as far my involvement goes. However my identity or inaccurate description of my love interest.... shouldn't be the issue and defiantly is not the topic of this thread. Thanks for hijacking my thread and totally disregarding the guidance and feedback I was wishing for. How's that for timid creature!? How about some positive feedback and light in a murky time for me.. or are ya;ll to hung up on terms..
Is it possible there is more than one generation of Unicorns?
Maybe I'm just the new version...LMAO! terminology to label who, howmany and in what way you love is ridiculous! I simply used the term, cause I thought is was accurate and would quickly describe my viewpoint.... Ya'll's energy could be so much better much more productive.. .Thanks for not helping at all......typical.
To thoes of you that did provide honest and heartfelt feedback you know who you are, you know your intentions and I thank you for sharing..... deeply.