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Why is this other person "off limits" as far as she is concerned? Is there some sort of history there?
I can't see an 8 hour fight being warranted. But I could see how a miscommunication could lead to more miscommunications that result in an 8 hour battle to straighten out all of the confusion before progress on the original topic can even be considered.

We had some horrid battles figuring things out.
But in the long run the discussion was worth it. We learned much needed communication skills AND we learned about ourselves and each other.

We have some people that are "off limits" as well. I would say at least on my side a few of those people are people I love. But there are good, sound reasons Maca and GG feel they should be off limits, reasons I can agree with. So it isn't a huge issue.

Do you know what the reasons are in your case?
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