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Default sorry veauvian crew, and now that disclaimer is done

I think there has been a hostile grammarian take over of poly since it burst onto the scene not too long along, and I refuse to recognize an illegitimate, fascist government that some passive aggressive bunny eared and a anarchist decided to appoint themselves, but it would be like Batista overthrowing Che and Castro so that the Island could once again be owned by the Republican party, fuck that.

ˇViva la revolución!

First of all grammar? we don't need no stinkin grammar, we need truth, and the truth is both "unicorn" and "triad" had been square pegged into a round hole of a definition that is way to narrow and every time someone comes by and says, "hey buddy, someone's gonna trip over that shit if you don't put the terms into their fitting spots, I see you pounded the square in the circle but the edge is sticking up. I don't give a flying fuck about the etymology of the words, if you want to make fun of me, just do it, but don't do it by rearranging and uber defining words just so you can chuckle at all us's non-Yale non-bigoted common folk"

and every time someone moves it back we get poly frenchmen ranting about shit that doesn't even happen. Sure couples come looking for a girlfriend, I have never seen them start bitching and moaning they when the same four people out of the thirty female profiles don't reply. I do see the same veauvian crew rush to the scene of every triad crime and stomp the sparks out lest they become a flame


you don't need to go to switch into a hinge and two legs, that is only in facist Cuba, you can all three hang out all you want and there doesn't have to be every possible sexual combination or else you aren't a triad, that is bullshit and feel free to no accept that square peg into the round hole

so to make things clearer *cough* excuse me, more clear just say "unicorn" just means the regular old poly unicorn and and same deal with triad


the french unicorn is that long list of must agree to be babysitter, only committed threesome sex, can't speak unless you are spoken to blah- blah-blah Batista fascist veauvian triad

I don't know, I think if he used real life scenarios or straight forward terms instead of erudite ways to poke fun at people, maybe his definitions wouldn't be so ho humm and not make sense. Sure there are a lot of idiot men out there that don't find partners, but it's because they are idiots, but they sure as hell don't go walking around thinking they have a food stamp card and are entitled to three women every month. That's just more bullshit masked Republican fascist drama propaganda

fuck that ˇViva la revolución!

tldr : mister frankie, chill yo, word, donta fuck with Jesus! I warned ya,

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