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The idea of a poly tribe makes me shudder. I prefer to keep my relationships separate and have a nice, respectful acknowledgement of my metamours, and nothing more. I'm an introvert and highly value my privacy and personal space, so no cohabiting or group dates or family-style meetings for me!

That being said, I wouldn't give anybody flak for doing things in a way completely different from how I do them. I might think to myself, "That's nuts," when I see a big poly tribe or want to say, "I told you so," when it implodes, but I am not about to openly criticize them for it.

I really do see a tendency in society nowadays for people to be very lacking in discretion or diplomacy. For example, if people will ask me what neighborhood I live in, I often hear comments like, "Ugh, I hate that part of town." It stymies me every time - I would never blurt out to someone that I hate where they live, unless it was an issue where I was worried about their safety. Not that I give a fuck whether they like my neighborhood or not, but it's just so impolite.

The way I see it, if someone is going to be so ballsy and rude as to criticize how you choose to live your poly life, they need to be put in their place. I would tell them, "Well, I don't like how you do poly but I wouldn't put you down for it. Why do you think you can do that to me? The way I live makes me happy and I would appreciate it if you would direct your judgment elsewhere."

Sheesh, some people.
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