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Default the article was piss poor

It gave examples of simple manipulation, which is a far cry from gaslighting.

Gaslighting is malicious, cold blooded

gaslighting is doing things like stashing and alarm clock that plays bluegrass every morning at 5am at just barely audible levels

Gaslighting is duct-taping vent lines to drains which prevents your dwellings drains from working. Dishwashers and clothes washers create water damaging floods which are extremely expensive and frustrating to to fix as it takes many floods before one realizes there are sub-human french shitcamels who reserve those spots in hell for themselves for an eternity (bonus points for using raquet balls instead of duct tape as duct tape you can remove and the house floodings immediately end)

Gaslighting is hacking into you computer because some assholes live by the motto you deserve it if you don't understand PC security. Once they read your all your emails it is amusing to assholes to constantly fuck with you

Gaslighting is highjacking your computer's onboard audio and video, and using it to record and broadcast private and intimate events which they then use to belittle, and blackmail and violate every sense of privacy and feeling of safety one can have at home

Gaslighting is gripping your house and hiding GPS unit on your car

Gaslighting is essentially the worst type of abuse of power and authority as well as violating the most sacred and private places other than physical rape of your body, however it is a mental rape

Gaslighting is hacking into you electronic storage, stealing digital property such as photos, ignoring requests to remove images from book covers, abusing wikipedia editing seniority to claim the images came from a book which my images do not exist in, purchasing the $495 book to prove the images are not there, yet the images still posted as "Rorschach plates" with the same lying thieves insisting the bullshit story

Gaslighting is takes a well organized, technical expertise group effort, and all that take part in it are guilty of the entire lot of it

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