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Default It's a thing!

My husband recently came to me after seeing an article on polyamory and said "hey! It's a thing!" (Meaning this shared love thing he and I and my boyfriend are doing.) I started surfing and found this forum. So so glad I did.

My husband and I have been married 17 years and have 3 sons (16,10,6) We have always had a complicated sex life. I felt so much guilt for YEARS for not being able to surrender to him sexually. I wanted him to have a fulfilling sex life. I went as far as to suggest that he might find another woman to play with.

Then 2 years ago, completely by suprise, it was ME that fell in love with another man. I was complety twitterpated and after 20 years of feeling sexually dysfuntional and even frigid at times, my sex came back to me! I shared my journey with my husband and we have weathered many discussions about jealousy. He has amazed me with his capacity to see nuance where others see none.

So now we three in this V are finding our way. Carefully and Lovingly. There are a few hitches I hope this forum might help me overcome...

1. My wonderful generous husband is having no sex :-( He and I may work it out, but I can never go back to sex the way it was.

2. We have casually talked about having my boyfriend move in. It would be heavenly (for me) to have all my loved ones under the same roof. And there are undeniable benefits to communal living. We could finally fix the bathroom sink, for example ;-)

How do other families navigate this? Who sleeps where? And with whom?

Thank You for being here!
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