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Default Multi-partner co-habitation

Redpeper, Polynerdist , her son and I have become family. Full stop. We spend a great deal of time together and consistently work as a team to achieve family goals of various magnitudes. We enjoy our time together as a group as much as our time as individual couples. We have other people sharing in her and her husband's life and everyone seems to be quite healthy and happy. We are out to our families and their acceptance is growing. Above all we respect each other immensely and have a vested and common interest in the health and well being of their son.

Despite being a couple for only 14 months, which doesn't seem that long to some, we are extremely integrated and have spent huge amount of time together as a couple and as a family. I would hazard a guess that our actual time together rivals many who's calendar time is much longer.

So based on our approach to poly and our goals the next logical step seems to be living closer... much closer....cohabiting with me in a suite. Obviously this comes with huge benefits logistically and in the area of emotional family closeness. It also comes with some unknowns. How close is too close for their primary relationship? Is there a "too close". What about me...will I feel less wanted if I am always that close? Will it be as special to visit me in a suite as it is to drive into town to see me?

I'd love to hear other member's thoughts on this. How long would you wait? We've seen several move in situations spoil relationships. Usually they were much quicker and do to extenuating circumstances.

What are you experiences?

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