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Default Thank You

Thank you KDT, you're words bring my comfort and You said them very well and I agree with all of them. Communication is the Biggest thing ever and so many mistakes are made my assumptions and hurt feelings.

The whole threesome thing... What I was meaning was since it was asked of me if we would ever allow each sexual encounters alone with the female, I was saying YES, but I would like it to start out with the three of us together for those encounters, after she's already in our relationship and before moving to that alone time with either of us. Just until we all get comfortable and things are established. I am in no way wanting to control every aspect of this or say you can't have sex with my husband on Tuesdays or Fridays... yada yada.. lol I want it to be open, flowing and natural. Happy Thoughts!

At DirtyRunner - Thank you for your post as well! We are patient.. and will def try out the OKC everyone has talked about I am so glad you and your husband found someone and I hope it continues to grow and be great for all three of you

Love and Happiness,
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