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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post

I'm a curious fellow; would I be prying if I inquired about what sorts of undesirable traits or circumstances these "poly guys" had about them?
Well my okcupid profile doesnt have sexy pics. it also doesnt have anything of a sexual nature on it. so i dont get a lot of guys wanting casual sex messaging me. I also never respond to generic messages or anything commenting on my looks. so maybe that is a good way to weed out guys like that.

its important to me that they guys I date have money to go out (I always go dutch and like to go out and do stuff like dinners, movies, bowling etc), a way to get there (i dont mine picking up one in awhile but I dont want to be someone's taxi), can host (i prefer not bringing someone to my home until i have known them a long time. it's more ideal that I spend the night somewhere else than displace someone in my home), and dont have any major mental problems.

One guy i was talking to seemed very much like a downer (depression issues), he sounded desperate for love at age 28 had never had a girlfriend. he did live on his own but was always stressed about not making the next months rent. he didn't have a car or money to go out.

another guy has aspergers(not there there is anything wrong with this, but this guy seems to have no control over the things he says or does) and was homeless. he was able to rent a room with his student loan money but he makes a lot of bad choices and is frequently in trouble with the law. he also smokes which is a turn off for me.

one guy really was desperate for a unicorn but she would be in the closet and only allowed over when his daughter wasn't there or after she went to bed. he seemed to have a lot of self esteem issues about his weight.

one guy has a job but no goals to do anything more than get high and work part time at mcdonalds. he does not have a car, cant have company over (lives with his mom) very nice but does not have any friends (social problems) and also way too passive

one guy lives with his girlfriend, her boyfriend and husband and their kids. hes immature where he thinks he knows everything and was very presumptuous about me which i did not like. he has an apartment in their house, he has a job, a car, is fairly responsible. I just don't like his domineering attitude or the mind games he plays. i think he and i are just fundamentally too much alike to make it work. we both want to be the one in charge in a relationship.
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