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Default Being private about poly

Lately I have noticed a slightly twisted satisfaction inside me… About my poly life, and how I keep it private. This especially at work. Somehow it is a very nice feeling that I have something wonderful and good in my life, and no one really needs to know.

This good feeling has developed only after I got over the fear of maybe one day being “outed” at work. If my poly life gets out in the open, fine. I can handle all the reactions - even if they’d be negative, my world won’t go down with them. So I guess I am now as much “out” as I need to be.

My true friends all know about us, and some of them have met Mark and visited my other home. I have gotten one party invitation that included me plus two. I went to that party with CJ only, due to our timetables. But I have to say it felt good that we were all invited So, nowadays in my private life I am openly poly, but keep my private life separate from my professional life.
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