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Default Outside prespective please

Ok, I need an outside prespective or my head is going to explode. Honestly is appreciated, but I am very stressed out from work and school and my new relationship so please be gentle with me.

After about 2 weeks of the cold shoulder, last night my boyfriend, Ward, broke up with me. His wife, June was suprised; me not so much. Ward blamed it on June's girlfriend moving away and him needing to make sure that June was going to be ok. Ok, fine. I admit I'm upset about the break up, but I'm more upset about the 2 straight weeks of the cold shoulder and feeling like a 3rd wheel. In addition, when I mentioned that I was upset about what happened to one of our mutal friends, this morning I get a call of June telling me that she and Ward have been having a hard time lately and that they didn't figure it had anything to do with me since it was a couple thing and telling me that it had nothing to do with her girlfriend moving away and it had nothing to do with me.

I'm not an unreasonable person; I'm also not a mind reader. You and you wife need some time to yourself, fine. But in my oppinion I should have been told about this need 2 weeks ago. Next, seeing as how Ward has spent the last 14 days cuddling his wife and barely talking to me or looking me in the eye, I frankly feel a little jealous and hurt. I also feel like I lost my friends and that's the most upsetting thing here. I feel like niether Ward nor June is telling me the truth about what is going on here. So please a little outside perspective before my head explodes
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