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Originally Posted by korindino View Post
Since then I've been bombarded with messages, especially from guys who ask me about being poly, and mention that they're mono and definitely could never do the poly thing.
My first reaction to this was a guy writing to another guy saying "I'm not gay and I could never be with a guy, but..." ... and me thinking "well if I'm a guy and you don't like guys, then why the hell are you messaging me?"

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
There were definitely some guys that were looking for a woman in an "open relationship" (truthfully or not) that weren't getting her needs met sexually and wanted a quick fuck.... there are women out there like that and they thought I was one of them.

If a guy wants just-sex, he would love to find someone who will give him lots of sex without expecting a relationship "in return." Because let's face it, the vast majority of women out there really are hunting for their husbands, with sex as the currency they must pay to spend time with potential partners. The guys probably meet a lot of single girls who claim not to be looking for a relationship, but then after spending a few nights together, start "wanting more" or to know "where this is going." They probably figure that if you're already in a relationship, that won't be an issue.
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