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Well I thought I made it thru the Ring of Fire.... but I'm back in. Not sure why I feel I'm being attacked or having to clarify.. but I will, since I'm opening up to being on this forum, there's a duty to be a clear as possible I guess???

If I confused you, sorry, that was not my intention Magdlyn. I must admit I am not the best with getting either my point across on here or saying it in the right words nor manner.

Threesome meaning us together for sexual encounters in the beginning IF we find that One person that is attracted to both of us and it works as a Poly-fi Triad.. but we're very open to having us being with her separate as well. I don't want to put confinements on you can't have sex unless we are all three together..
I Do however realize that finding that ONE person for US together as a unit Only searching together for One lady would be hard... nearly impossible I suppose, so we are open to dating people sep. As KDT stated and worded great, we would love to have her find us both appealing... moving forward... being that Triad.. happily ever after...
If that doesn't happen then we will move forward with what does. Am I opposed to him having a gf that doesn't want to bend me over while he's at work? Not entirely and we could def have that chat and cross that bridge probably fairly easy ( without the Ring of Fire ) I hope

I'll admit. We're new to Poly and all it brings with it. We are not new to being open, having the feelings that come with being sexual and perhaps emotional with others. So we're not entirely wet behind the ears, but do realize we have LOTS to learn and are willing to take our lickens and 'hard knocks'.

Much love,

Not sure if I hit on everything you wrote or asked... if not I'm sorry. XO
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