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Default The second command is linked and equal to the first most important command

"biblical polyamory" as defined by Jesus is to love our neighbor as ourselves. Or to not be co-dependent and always inter-dependent.

My wife and I meet with a clinical social worker on a regular basis to help us maintain our equilibrium. It's been dynamic and interesting journey. Understanding each other and helping each other learn how to love and be loved.

A non co-dependent relationship requires honesty and empathy without being judgmental.

Jesus commanded us to have healthy relationships.

How on earth could I as a man who loves so many women restrict my wife to loving only me and think for one minute that I am loving my wife as much as I love myself?

Using Jewish customs to arrive at a model of interaction between any couple defies logic.

When they tortured and killed Him Jesus asked His Father to forgive them because they didn't know what they were doing.

Anyone who continues to adhere to Jewish or any other political, cultural or religious tradition that brings us into conflict with Christ's command to love our neighbor as ourselves is mistaken and doesn't know what they are doing to countless numbers of people who long to touch and be touched.

We children must behave ourselves and love each other as much as we love ourselves.

Tall order for all of us.

But with a little practice, a lot of honesty, good counseling we're having fun learning and practicing the skills we will have in eternity where we will obey Him and love each other perfectly.

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