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Interesting food for thought; I know you're speaking to PolyMC but just a few things ...

Re: ownership = slavery which is illegal ... huh interesting observation and really true; hard to overcome though in today's society. I mean, don't "they" teach us that we "own" one another when we get married? Sometimes I think it's hard for people (and takes quite awhile) to dissolve that social conditioning. So technically, there's a lot of traditional married couples out there who (in their hearts) are technically breaking the law ...

Most of all, "they" teach us that we "own" our spouse's sexual organs. I can imagine A having quite a struggle with laying that notion aside.

"Why anyone would base their lives on the thoughts and misguided beliefs of cultures from 2000+ years ago is beyond me."
Haha, I sooo resonate with that; though I seldom say it cause I hate to take the chance of offending some religious person or another. But yeah it's like, reality check, 2000 years, hello?

Interesting ideas about the -- potential? feared? -- loss of "how good it used to be" once PIV has occurred with a new partner. It says a lot that you and miss pixi can't even do PIV, and yet even though you *can* do so with Ginger, it hasn't ruined what you had with miss p at all. So, "sharing" PIV probably isn't something any of us (e.g. PolyMC or A or both) need to be scared of.

But waiting awhile before diving into the PIV end of the pool? perfectly do-able and an option I'm down with. Can't be too careful these days? Hell yeah, that's the reality of our modern age.

Okay, I'll desist ... sorry for the tendency to get in on someone else's conversation ... I just particularly liked a lot of what you said and wanted to say amen, amen.
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