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Interesting alternative perspective. Would you say you get a lot of offers, but not just from guys who seem very with-it? I admit, hearing about guys who are scared to date a married woman sounds like a reversal on the stories I usually hear.

During the short time that I and the "hinge lady" of my V were active on OKCupid, she used to get a *lot* of offers for one-night stands from guys who would send her "TMI" pics of their "great physiques" and stuff -- definitely not what my lady had in mind. Whereas I exchanged some personal messages with a few women who seemed to be okay with talking to me, but pretty clearly weren't interested in going any further than that.

"The guys that are cool with poly always have something wrong with them."
I'm a curious fellow; would I be prying if I inquired about what sorts of undesirable traits or circumstances these "poly guys" had about them?
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