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Originally Posted by polywannacrackeryo View Post
What’s more, is they are actively trying to have a baby. I just recently found this out, and it didn’t feel good for me. (Yes, this makes me feel like a horrible person.) First off, I’ve never wanted kids. Secondly, all I can think about is how he can make a baby for her, and build a family, and have an intimacy that I can never be a part of. Also, I wasn’t aware that they had decided to start trying again. Part of me feels like it’s none of my business, but then part of me feels like she should have talked to me about it.
I had to re-read your OP and caught on to the bolded part. It sounds like prior to your evolving relationship that they had tried to conceive and gave up at some point. Is that what has happened with them?

If that is the case I am not sure why you wouldn't expect them to want children or attempt it again. It sounds like they've been completely open and honest with you about their marriage before you and how they feel after you. And as Dirt said, if it was just you and her, would you be willing to change your feelings about children? Just curious what your answer is. (and I apologize as I have not read beyond Dirt's post if you already answered this).

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