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Thanks Magdlyn - I'm going with option 2 for now. I also realize I still have questions for the surgeon, basically, how many of these surgeries has he done. I typically don't ask the right kinds of questions, basically, the doctor's resume. He was recommended to me by a friend who happens to work at his office. I'm sure he is highly skilled and his warning about nerve damage is more of a cover his ass situation than that he isn't too experienced. The low iodine diet, I found a thyroid cancer survivor's forum and have been told being put on that so soon before surgery is cruel, etc. I guess the nurse may have not been specific enough in her message (just because an employee is clueless doesn't mean the doc actually is and come to think of it, I do feel she is clueless because at the appointment she couldn't find the ultrasounds from my endocrinologist so was trying to find a u/s for the appt...but the surgeon had already read them before the yeah maybe she's a dim wit).

DH's poly relationships are interesting. SF he likes but has really found a connection with MG. The problem is they are bestie's but he can't let himself just be in a relationship with a person he only feels like being friends with and pass up a relationship with MG, whom he feels strongly for. MG also feels a connection with him. She's coming over to our house Tuesday for her and DH to make some food together. I am so happy for him that in these months of feeling envy because I've had a lot of messages on okc, he actually is starting a true relationship. I'm happy for him because he's happy. This is a pretty cool place to be.

I, myself, may be a little envious, but it's total okay for him to move forward. I'd rather it be months before I have another who is truly interested in me than a nsa/fwb situation. I'm not a swinger anymore and just don't get excited by those type of proposals. Yes I love sex, but I came to poly because I felt love for another and even though that relationship is over, now that I know who I am, there is no going back in time.
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